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Arrow Keys Not Working In Wordperfect


Copy the code below and save it in your macros folder, then assign the macro to the `key -- just to the left of the "1" key on the top row This is quite a complex and very capable program, but you only want it for one simple purpose. The rest keys respond perfectly Hmmm… First, follow the steps in this article to make sure that NO "Accessibility Options" are enabled (as shown in the first image).. So, the task {Bash-on-Ubuntu} would be: %windir%\system32\bash.exe -cur_console:p1 0cf4d23 ConEmu owner Maximus5 commented Apr 12, 2016 The only workaround: Build 160411 (or higher) and start bash as following: %windir%\system32\bash.exe check over here

my one year old was playing with keys so I had no idea what she did. But last message looks like a luck of implementation. Both wireless keyboard and laptop are HP. While this can be done as a D-I-Y, I advise taking it to a qualified technician.

Up And Down Arrow Keys Not Working

Other arrows do nothing. 👍 4 gazben commented Apr 12, 2016 @Maximus5 I named it {GNU/Windows::Bash}. Javier: Thanks for your answer, but I'm afraid selecting other keyboards will not help me. If there is no keyboards category now, you can try the Add New Hardware wizard (found in Control Panel) and tell it you are adding a keyboard. LikeLike Comment by techpaul | April 6, 2009 | Reply Thank you very much.

Also: Is there any way I can differentiate between the arrow keys (and Home, End, Insert, Delete, Pg Up/Dn) on the numeric and cursor keypads when redesigning my keyboard? Does anyone else have suggestion? Tip of the day: Understand and use (or make sure they're turned off) keyboard Accessibility Options. Arrow Keys Not Working Windows 8 Lindsay LikeLike Comment by Lindsay Russell | April 11, 2013 | Reply Lindsay Russell, Well, Fn+F9 should work, but I found a reply in a forum that said to try Fn+F10

LikeLike Comment by techpaul | January 14, 2009 | Reply My wireless keyboard started to act weird today. LikeLike Comment by DONALD OULSNAM | February 19, 2013 | Reply DONALD OULSNAM, In my other answers, above, you will see – several times – links to another article (“What to So if you do not see "Accessibility Options" or "Ease of Access Center", click Start and then start typing in a-c-c-e-s-s. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-hardware/backspace-key-not-working-properly/b3c32ac4-68b9-4b26-8c3a-623fa044eb69 You can do this by returning to the Customize Settings window with Tools, Settings, Customize.

In other words, you do not want to lose the functionality of the ` key. Left And Right Arrow Keys Not Working Get AutoHotkey to change the physical cursorpad RightArrow to the value Alt-Ctrl-Shift-F12 or something, and then when you assign a new value to Alt-Ctrl-Shift-F12, it will only effect the cursorpad RightArrow, I couldnt type multiple of the same letter at once, but this helped me a lot to fix it! neither was the vim stuff though LOL. - seems the vim arrow-handling is weird in the same way cygwin's is.

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See "Make a key do 'double duty'..." for examples. https://techpaul.wordpress.com/2007/10/24/keyboard-troubleshooting-is-sticky-keys-on/ For example, there are many WordPerfect features (e.g., inserting the current file's path and name) or WordPerfect functions (e.g., setting line spacing) that you may find useful candidates to assign to Up And Down Arrow Keys Not Working This is really giving me a headache. Right Arrow Key Not Working On Laptop Good luck.

Your writing taste has been amazed me. check my blog i've even done a system restore and i cannot undo the problem. This was possible in WP5.1, but not (I think) in WP8 (though maybe I just never figured it out). LikeLike Comment by Jenny | October 7, 2009 | Reply Jenny, Here's one more thing to try. Arrow Keys Not Working Windows 7

Reveal StatusBar column Terminal modes and ensure it shows XA. Google is your friend in these types of questions. (I searched for ASUS UL50a disable touchpad.. LikeLike Comment by techpaul | July 6, 2013 | Reply thanks I had already read the hole post and tried everything except totally uninstalling keyboard so I did that b4 riposting. http://drueself.com/arrow-key/arrow-keys-not-working-on-web-pages.html I'm happy now.


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Report oreostamp- May 6, 2010 09:09PM omg F7 worked for my thanks guys xoxo Report lea- Jun 20, 2010 11:15AM F7 worked ..yahooo!!!! If that doesn't clear it up, proceed to troubleshooting. Press again when you want it to stop. Arrow Keys Not Working Windows 10 Therefore, I am unable to type anything.

ConEmu owner Maximus5 commented Apr 12, 2016 BTW, what do you think, what name should be given to the task? {Bash::Bash on Ubuntu} is rather long... Can't figure it out at all :( Report jjj- Apr 20, 2010 06:57PM yes same thing with me I want to scream Report chris- Apr 27, 2010 05:55PM Same here... Pressing it twice consecutively will cause the first `characer to be "seen" by the macro on the left of the cursor, whereupon it will delete it and play the "working" part have a peek at these guys If, when you banged the keyboard on the desk a bunch of grit/sand/rice grains/etc.

I am a gamer, and not only do i like pc and console games but also flash games, such as those found on armorgames.com. Adding -new_console:p1 did not work. Then reboot. please LikeLike Comment by melinda | December 21, 2012 | Reply melinda, I think my three best answers (not necessarily in order) for you are: 1) Uninstall the keyboard in Device

Terms of use. The issue was created four days ago! but once I clicked again (which I need to do for the game) it doesnt work anymore Helpful +8 Report Noel May 21, 2010 05:09PM Use the letter keys 'A' for Also, this article may be more appropriate: What To Do When Your Mouse Plays Dead.

Cannot even google. Yesterday I received a call from someone who was rather distraught and frantic (this happens from time to time at my Tech Support business) because, all of a sudden, they couldn't type on their the sticky keys get activated…and i have to deep press the digits to get it typed and then enter. Anyway I have no ideas about vim.

Task parameters: /icon "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\lxss\bash.ico" Commands: %WINDIR%\System32\bash.exe ~ 👍 4 elangelo referenced this issue Aug 3, 2016 Open Linux for Windows bash doesn't react to arrow keys when launched via start It runs from the box. They work for other files, and in other programs of the suite.